This document is for informational purposes only and is not a statement of future plans. BINOD makes no warranties or representations about the success of the node sale or the performance of any other activity mentioned in this document, and disclaims any warranties implied by law or otherwise, to the extent permitted by law. No one has the right to trust the contents of this document or any inferences thereon, and it also includes the Trinity Blockchain discussed in this document, the agreement algorithm or its interaction with related technologies.
BINOD is made up of any information or opinions relating to the Global Node Sale(GNS), Trinity Blockchain, NOD Platform and Blockchain Hosting included in this document or other information made in connection with any inquiry despite any negligence, default or negligence. There is no legal responsibility for loss or damage. Although we have tried to ensure that the statements made in this document are accurate and that the opinions, predictions, predictions, likelihoods and expressions of opinions and other subjective judgments contained in all documents are reasonable at the time of filing, You must not understand it as a statement indicating that all plans, estimates, or speculations discussed in this document are subject to risks, including but not limited to deficiencies in the technical department, exposure to legal or regulatory, market volatility, volatility in the sector, company activity, or the inability to use complete and accurate information. It may not be possible to do so.
All information contained in this document is for display and is not intended to be an endorsement of BINOD. Any information prior to providing the blockchain service may be changed by BINOD. If so, the new document replaces this document and can be found on BINOD's website. The GNS Terms and Conditions are organized into a comprehensive information memorandum prior to the node sale, ensuring that BINOD's node sale events are at the highest level of transparency, disclosure and compliance.
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